Coaching – A Pathway to Personal Success

For individuals, Flow How offers 2 different approaches.

Both aim to support you to achieve your personal & professional goals by focusing on the things that matter to you.

Recognising your personal values is a prerequisite to achieve harmony & balance in your life, by focusing on the beliefs & behaviours that drive you closer to your chosen goals, whilst leaving behind those that do not serve you.

The Harada approach

Different to other approaches Harada takes your complete life as a starting point not only your professional activities. Harada takes the balance in your life as the basis for realising your goals and focusses then on the change of behaviours that do not serve you to realise these private or professional goals.

Starting with an interactive and personal 2-day group session in a relaxed & beautiful setting, with 5-10 participants, you will make your first 3 month plan.

This will be your commitment to initiating change in your life and starting to uncover your unused potential.

On Day 1, we will start identifying your drivers, what makes you go the extra mile? We will not only define a goal, but need to understand how that goal contributes to a valuable area in your life. What will you experience after realizing this goal? To increase the likelihood of success for you we will identifying your supporting environment, because successful people are not on their own!

Then on Day 2, we start making and the plan that will consist of a ‘normal’ plan of activities to do , distinguishing between balance related activities that have to be in the plan, goal related activities and changing behaviours that could block you realising your goal. At the end of the training you are ready to go for your flow!

This will be followed by 4-7 individual coaching sessions, where we will support you to monitor and build on this plan, recognise why it is succeeding or failing, and together we will discuss corrective actions.

The personal approach

For a more tailor-made, personal approach, we recommend a series of 1-2-1 coaching sessions where we will support you to discover what is blocking you from reaching your full potential in a professional capacity, or from achieving happiness or balance from a personal perspective and then we will support you to make a plan to address the issues and track the progress towards the desired goals or behaviours.

The timing and duration of these sessions is flexible and to a large extent, they can be organised to fit your agenda and timings.