Leading purposeful performance

Teams often underperform or do not reach their full potential for a multitude of reasons such as feeling disconnected from the bigger picture, individuals not feeling valued within the organisation, poor communication, following inefficient processes or practising non-serving behaviours.

Identifying these barriers and taking concrete steps to address them can unleash team performance, delivering better results for both the team and each member individually whilst boosting the self-confidence off the team members to go above and beyond what they ever thought was possible.

The Approach

A unique approach drawing on and combining various expert techniques from different schools of professional development (LEAN, Harada, Exciting Performance, Communication in Style).

Including deep-dive diagnostic interviews, a 2-day on-site Workshop and 4 quarterly follow-up sessions, this training aims to excite team performance by breaking a company vision or mission into tangible and meaningful goals and translating this into a Work Plan which stretches, inspires and challenges the team to deliver superior performance.

The diagnosis interviews with both the Team Manager and team members will identify impediments ……

During the 2 day Workshop, we take a step by step approach developing your plan based on your values combining a task and behaviour oriented approach to realise your goals. At the end of the training you are ready to go for your flow!

And then, during the (3-)monthly follow up sessions we will support you to monitor and build on this plan, recognise why it is succeeding or failing, and together we will discuss corrective actions.