My passion is supporting others to be the best they can be, in whatever field or capacity they choose.

From the early journey striving to become a professional footballer, to Line Manager in large Dutch multinational companies, to qualifying and practicing as a LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt before finally starting my own company as a Trainer and Coach, these experiences have all shaped the person I am today and given me many life lessons along the way.

I carry these lessons and insights with me, and have discovered the value of sharing this with others in both a business and often a personal context. This is what excites me and this is what gives me my energy.

People are happier when goals are clear, processes are efficient, results are achieved and the purpose is tangible.

Goals are reached when people are motivated, inspired and working without undue stress or tension.

I support individuals and organizations to put this into practice, drawing on my professional and personal experience, my qualifications in diverse fields and most importantly, my personal values and beliefs and it is incredibly powerful & rewarding on both sides.